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For new education providers, accreditation is frustrating and complicated, but it is core to the $2T higher education industry. Woolf software makes accreditation more simple and affordable, providing educators with global recognition for their work.

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Woolf partners with scaling organizations to drive revenue using Airlock, the first API for higher education accreditation. Have your learning content benchmarked for accreditation value and immediately matched to a license—all from within your specialized learning environment.

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How it Works

Woolf is the first collegiate higher education institution that lets qualified organizations join as member colleges and offer accredited programs.

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If your college is admitted, you’ll register all the teachers, including at least 2 academics with PhDs. You can use our tools to create your courses, or migrate existing courses.


Woolf’s software platform helps organizations meet and maintain regulatory and institutional standards by handling everything from course creation to degree issuance, so you get full accreditation and all the benefits of being a part of a major university with the status of a member college. We’ll help you succeed.


Your approved college will be verified and admitted. You can start offering accredited courses and degrees in approved subjects. New subjects may require additional approval.


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