Introducing Airlock.

The world's first API for higher education
accreditation that helps you accredit your
course in weeks, not years.

Accreditation by API.
Global recognition.

Airlock introduces novel techniques and security controls to allow organizations
to have their learning content connected to Woolf’s AMS and made accessible to
regulators for inspection. Airlock captures online learning experiences
and ensures they meet and maintain university and regulatory standards.

Woolf’s latest innovation allows students to have a contextualized learning
experience within their organization’s digital environment, while also ensuring
that their experience meets the requirements for accreditation.

Plug into Woolf.

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A universal solution for custom
learning environments.

Airlock is Woolf’s patent-pending technology for maintaining accreditation compliance and visibility across all learning activities inside an education organization. Connect to Woolf by API to have your learning content benchmarked for accreditation value and immediately matched to an accreditation license—all from within your specialized learning environment.

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Higher education accreditation
meets code.

Airlock is a pioneering innovation to the traditional design of higher education institutions. It is the result of a long overdue effort to not only digitalize a physical (and historically bureaucratic) process, but to also adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of tomorrow’s workforce.

Grow your revenue.

Woolf partners with scaling organizations to drive revenue by providing an API with academic accreditation for their programs.


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